Wallace & Lee Center will continue to provide the convenience of telehealth services. Telehealth is medical care that is provided to patients via phone or complicated portal interactions.  Medication changes and refill can be done during these visits.

We are NOT able to provide medical care for anyone who is not physically located within the State of California. Our Liability coverage will no longer allow us to provide ANY type of medical care, advice, or prescriptions to any person not physically located within the State of California. If you are a New Patient looking for a 2nd opinion consultation or an existing patient needing medical advice, our staff members can assist you in setting up a conference call between our providers and your treating provider in the State or Country where you are located.

Telemedicine: Our providers are only able to provide telemedicine visits to patient within the State of California.

Second Opinion consultations: If you are an out of state patient or an International patient seeking a second opinion consult, we are happy to review your medical records and provide an opinion to your treating physician. One of our staff members will help you set that up.

Follow up visits: If you have previously seen one of our providers but are now located out of the State of California, our providers are happy to consult with a treating physician and our staff will help you set that up.

Vacations: If you are an established patient who lives in the state of California but have traveled outside of the state and need medical advice or a prescription, we are not able to provide this for you. You must go to an urgent care or ER. We are happy to speak with the physician there.